Inhuman Media Group was founded...

in 2020 by Martin W. Trogani Jr as a way to centralize and present his creative endeavors online, to put forward a showcase of all his talents and the avenues his artistic passions have taken him over time. Music, podcasts, and visual arts all take center stage. Studying music and technology at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, Martin set about using the tools at his disposal to explore just about every creative avenue available to him. In his time at Stevens, he started two podcasts, became the chief engineer of the Stevens Audio Engineering Club, acted as A1 audio engineer at numerous live events (Stevens High Frequency Data Conference, Laura Stevenson, Huck, Back Luck, Phoneboy, Cool and Good, etc.), released and performed several original pieces under the moniker "Field Corpse," and produced Cool and Good's debut album We Used To Talk About Pizza all while maintaining Dean's List. His drive to understand and explore creative fields has lead him to becoming a diverse, yet well-informed individual.

Over time, it became apparent that the world simply isn't conducive to creativity all the time. With a focus on entrepreneurial consulting and solution implementation for creatives, Inhuman Media Group strives to provide individuals and groups with the necessary resources and climate to pursue what they love. Whether it's expanding an empire or just getting a fledgling project off the ground, a good strategy is key to keeping any idea alive and well. There are many problems that come with being a career creative, many of which can not be avoided, and just as many that can't be anticipated. With a little help, though, there isn't anything that can't be overcome.

Contact Martin; email him at martin@inhumanmedia.group or use the contact form on the "Contact" page.