APRIL 20, 2020

Cool and Good

Matt Renzo/Zach Raina/Nolan Vernon/Hunter Daly

These four met one another while studying at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, quickly gaining prominence in the local basement show scene. Cool and Good captivates audiences with their eclectic instrumentation, catchy hooks, and Matt Renzo's evocative lyricism. Their debut album We Used To Talk About Pizza (2020) was produced and engineered by Martin W. Trogani Jr.

We Used To Talk About Pizza (2020)

Songwriters: Hunter Daly, Zachary Raina, Matthew Renzo, Nolan Vernon

Lyrics: Matthew Renzo

Producer and Engineer: Martin W. Trogani Jr

Additional Engineering: Nolan Vernon, Robert Harari

Grip: Michael Burgos, Randiel Zoquier

Vocals: Matthew Renzo

Additional Vocals: Christopher Chacon, Andrew Chesterman, Hunter Daly, Alexander "AJ" Kasper, Jack McDermott, Derek Petti, Kalani Pigao, Anna Souren, Martin W. Trogani Jr, Nolan Vernon

Trombone: Nolan Vernon

Guitar: Hunter Daly, Alexander "AJ" Kasper, Matthew Renzo, Nolan Vernon

Keyboards and Synthesizers: Martin W. Trogani Jr

Bass: Zachary Raina

Drums: Matthew Renzo

Percussion: Jack McDermott, Derek Petti, Kalani Pigao, Matthew Renzo

Album Artwork : Jack "Sgt. PineCone" Warner

Special Thanks: The staff of Kidde 350, Stevens Audio Engineering Club, Robert Harari, Dr. Lainie Fefferman, Carly Morgan

Published via Inhuman Media Group LLC

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